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Barge Center Waalhaven is a barge, feeder, deepsea and shortsea container terminal with AEO status managed by the Waalhaven Group.

With a capacity of 200,000 TEU, Barge Center Waalhaven can handle ships up to 1,000 / 1,200 TEU with a depth alongside quay of 9.65 metres.

  • Effective container and breakbulk handling
  • AEO Customs and ‘Entrepot C’ Customs status
  • De-gas area for fumigated containers
  • Gas area for containerised goods
  • Ample reefer capacity
  • Crane SWL up to 100 tons
  • VGM weight certificate
Intermodal concept

The terminal is part of the Intermodal Transport Concept, and offers services other terminals cannot, or only at higher costs.

These services includes barging, storage of full and empty containers, Customs services and additional trucking.

Examples are our service labels:

  • Cool Barge
  • Transferium

Combined with the repair and cleaning facilities on our empty depot adjacent at Waalhaven, and with internal connections, a unique terminal depot concept is created in the Port of Rotterdam.